Nigerian Afropop singer, Adelaja David, better known as Pupa Tee, has opened up about his struggle with kidney problems for over 20 years.

Xclusivevibes reports that Pupa Tee disclosed in a video via his Instagram page while soliciting financial support from the public to undergo a kidney transplant

He said he had remained on dialysis treatment to stay healthy, but it was proposed for him to have a kidney transplant, as a permanent solution.

He captioned the video, “I wallow in pains, because dialysis is a big deal and I have to go through this two to three times a week. It’s draining, tiring and overwhelming, this is why I need a transplant to live a normal life. My whole life been at a big pause for now.

So I decided to express my pain and story in this @vict0ny #jagajagastory . Went through a lot of pain doing this but I needed to show the world that I still have that fire in me burning even tho I am on dying bed.

PLEASE DONT LET ME DIE WITH MY FIRE. I need 14million naira more to go in for my transplant. Even if you’ve donated , or you don’t have anything to donate, kindly share my videos. There’s always that rich someone on your contact and timeline. My helper may be a share away.”

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