Mild drama plays out as cake falls and scatters after couple tried to cut it during their wedding.

The happy couple were about to cut their wedding cake when the unexpected happened, which left many viewers with mixed feelings.

wedding cake falls scattersApparently, the wedding cake was kept on rickety table which immediately gave when a little pressure was placed on it.

Everything came crashing down to the floor like a pack of cards, as the couple and others tried to prevent their precious cake from falling to the ground.

Some observant netizens were able to detect that the cake was placed on a table which only had a single leg, leading to the fall of the cake.

Reactions trailed the post …

@Abena Favour said: “The person who did this setup no go see heaven.”

@user Acheamful Grace said: “Revenge to my ex-boyfriend.”

@user9334028118717 commented: “Everything prayers. Do your things right and let God rest.”

@user4827797953751 said: “This not matter of prayers the table isn’t good.”

@Sarah Addo636 said: “Let’s give thanks to God because things happen for a reason.”

@El Bernarrdo said: “This is common sense. The load was placed at the tip of the structure.”

Watch the video below …


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