A man has left his wife, Anita, and her colleagues stunned by gifting her a brand new car on the occasion of her birthday.

The surprise, captured on video, has since gone viral, captivating viewers with the genuine joy and emotion that unfolded.

Anita, a young woman working at an undisclosed office, was celebrating her birthday when her husband orchestrated the unforgettable surprise.

Lady overjoyed, runs barefoot at work as husband surprises her with car gift on birthday

The video shows the husband arriving at her workplace in the dazzling Honda SUV, adorned with celebratory ribbons and a custom license plate bearing Anita’s name.

A white carpet was elegantly rolled out, setting the stage for the grand reveal.

As the car pulled up, Anita and her curious colleagues gathered outside to witness the spectacle.

The sheer astonishment on Anita’s face was evident as she spotted the vehicle from a distance.

Lady overjoyed, runs barefoot at work as husband surprises her with car gift on birthday

Overwhelmed with excitement, she couldn’t contain her emotions, running barefoot towards the surprise that awaited her.

Upon reaching the vehicle, Anita’s joy overflowed, and she expressed her gratitude by hugging the bonnet of her new ride.

Tears welled up in her eyes as the significance of the moment sank in.

The husband, clearly delighted with the success of his surprise, joined his wife for a warm embrace, sealing the emotional moment.

Netizens Reactions…

@Osaberima_93 said; “See me smiling like mumu . Love will be a beautiful thing.”

@1dondior said; “Let’s ask ourselves as men, what will will our wives gift us on our birthdays? Why do women always take advantage of us and cheat us in everything?”

@ItzYourBoyJD said; “Make she no go buy boxer shorts then handkerchief give the husband on his birthday oo else ago come take the car myself 😂😂😂😂”

@benzybuabeng said; “Do women gifts men these things? Why always men?”

@charlesboat19 said; “Only a witch wife wouldn’t appreciate this. This woman believed her hubby will make it in life and bruh finally made it big..”

@cobby_nelson said; “All the men giving negative comments are not married , when you marry a good woman you’ll understand the need to appreciate your wife.

@AnitaAddy2 said; “Y’all saying negative things eh … you don’t just need love , you need Christ . Your level of negativity is top notch. Just so you know , not all of us are in toxic relationships and marriages. By the grace of God, we are happy and blessed. And oh love is a beautiful thing.”

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