A truck driver has been captured on camera risking everything to find a safe parking spot for his burning truck after it suddenly caught fire.

The truck which carried a combustible substance had caught fire before it got to its destination.

driver truck burning
Truck driver.

Since it was still within an area filled with people, the man decided not to simply park it in an open street and run for his dear life.

Instead, courageously, the man had continued to drive the burning truck while fire blazed wildly, till he found a place far from humanity to park it before it risked exploding.

Reacting, futballpunter said: “That truck driver deserve some national award.. but sadly in this part of the world called Nigeria Na mediocre dey get those recognition. Respect to the truck driver ✊🏾”

official_imagemonster said: “The kind of people we want in this country”

Onyiaprudence wrote: “He’s trying to find a deserted place to prevent people from getting hur+. He’s HER0.”

nwakindness stated: “Ohhhh, this is truly the spirit of a hero, a good man who’s not selfish but willing to risk it all for the safety of others. God bless and increase him.”

Watch the video below:


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